2010-12-01 21:23:45 by Creek

I Like To Rap. So Here I Go:

Yo I'm a rapper, and I kick ass
Everytime I rap I have a blast
Suck on my wiener, that's what you wanna
Yeah mothafucka smoke that marijuana
I don't trust any n***as its a must
and if you talk shit well then i'mma bust
go inside my mind every day
yeah mothafucka i dont even play


2008-11-09 12:22:53 by Creek

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Watch it!

Knead your Dick

2008-11-05 22:57:08 by Creek

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Funny ass video I thought I might share

Fan Fiction Account

2008-10-21 19:41:12 by Creek

Since I haven't made a post yet and since I don't get many readers or reviewers for my fan fiction stories I decided to post my fan fiction account.

Here it is: http://www.fanfiction.net/~aharmlesspi g

I started this account 4 years ago about, in 8th grade. I suppose that could be an excuse for the lack of maturity of my stories.

Although as soon as i rediscovered my account (3 months ago) I submitted 2 new works...

The stories aren't that faggy serious shit. Mine are comical immaturity filled with cock jokes and bullshit.
If you're interested go ahead and give my stories a read, I've been told they are funny. Also, if you have an account I would really appreciate a review from you. Thanks.